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Bedbugs - Landlord Forum thread 358831

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Bedbugs by Carol on December 18, 2018 @17:10

Do I have to inform other tenants of a bedbug problem. One of my tenants has bedbugs. The other tenant saw the exterminator there. (he automatic assumed bedbugs) I'm just not sure if it's a confidentionally thing.
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Re: Bedbugs by Carol on December 18, 2018 @17:13 [ Reply ]
The exterminator did check surrounding apartments and treated the common area, which is clear.
Re: Bedbugs by Cerise on December 29, 2018 @18:01 [ Reply ]
The only contribution that I can make is that my son is a tenant, and his apt had to be sprayed for bedbugs due to an adjacent apt being infested. He was informed that it was bedbugs. That was in CA. I don't think it's any different from saying they are spraying for fleas or roaches. Just an opinion, though.
Re: Bedbugs by Myles on January 17, 2019 @05:53 [ Reply ]
I certainly agree with you, if you are a tenant then why are you taking the effort in calling a pest control company? Let this work be carried out by house owner only. I remember, Last year my neighbor had encountered a similar problem to his landlord and so the renter decided to contact the pest control NYC for exterminating the pests permanently. Till today they didn't face any pest problem and are very much satisfied with the exterminator NYC services. Likewise, you should also talk with your landlord for leading the step ahead.

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