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Re: changed mind about a prospective tenant - Landlord Forum thread 358845

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Re: changed mind about a prospective tenant by LAMAC66 on December 20, 2018 @12:59

Im with lpadave and anonFL. Let her go. She turned it down. As long as you followed laws and documented everything you are covered. You could still be sued still.

Covering your bases minimizes a judgement against you in this case. Now if you have had the same situation in the past with a non protected class and you made concessions then that may be an opening.

Prospects do this all the time. Mostly it's a test to see how you react. They know that if you give in now, they will have you hopping throughout the tenancy.

I know rent is rediculous in the Bay area but you would rather have an empty unit than a PITA. Just tell her the unit rents as is because those are not issues that make the rental inhabitable or unsafe.

You offered the rental! And I am speaking as one who is in a protected class.
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Re: changed mind about a prospective tenant by lpadave on December 20, 2018 @22:45 [ Reply ]
Don't think prior actions with prior tenants would be a problem. Different time,....different market conditions ,...different price point,...different. Onditions existing in premises
    Re: changed mind about a prospective tenant by Jannie1 on December 24, 2018 @17:28 [ Reply ]
    I had a situation like this though the tenant signed the lease & pd the security deposit. In the contract the T was supposed to do the lawn mowing - Since they wouldn't be moving in for a few wks. I let her know that the prior T had X lawn Service & e-mailed her the info.
    She came back with "that's not are resp." Never had to do this, etc. several e-mails back & forth with threats to us about Better Bus Bureau. I cut her loose - there was no way I wanted this person as a T she'd be nothing but headaches. I wished I'd had a non refundable deposit, but live & learn.

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