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What if in the future - girlfriends move in? - Landlord Forum thread 358848

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What if in the future - girlfriends move in? by david on December 21, 2018 @22:54

Am considering renting 2 bdrm apt to two youngish fellows. Credit good, etc... Is there any way to properly state in the lease that the lease covers the two of them, and not their potentially future live in girlfriends, should that possibly happen in the future? The lease already limits the cars in the driveway to two cars, which would probably eliminate the possibility that a girlfriend could move in. And in this town there is no parking on the street. I'm just thinking about what could happen and do not want more inhabitants in the apt than what is on the lease. Thx!
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Re: What if in the future - girlfriends move in? by lpadave on December 22, 2018 @07:15 [ Reply ]
May vAry by your state and local laws but generally it should be detailed in the lease you are using as to who specifically are tenant occupants and who are guests and how long it takes a guest to become an occupant and or when a guest being there breaches the lease. In most states you cannot prevent blood or marriage relatives from moving in. As long as the max permitted number of occupants per housing codes is not exceeded. Generally two or three per bedroom and or X number of persons per square foot.
Re: What if in the future - girlfriends move in? by Garry on December 22, 2018 @18:29 [ Reply ]
Here's the thing. If your Ts do move in a 3rd or 4th person, What are you going/willing to do about it ?? If you sign a year's lease, and they move in someone 2 months from now, can you increase their rent? When ? By how much? Can you go to court to kick the extra person(s) out? Or evict ALL of them? What if they are good Ts paying the rent on time, and keeping your place up. Are you WILLING to get rid of everyone, just because they moved in a GF ? I agree that you should evict all of them, if any of them are causing damage, or problems with other Ts, or the neighborhood. Just state in your lease, that you must APPROVE anybody else that they want to move in. Then get an application from the new person.No approval, no move in. As lpaDave said, a 2 bed apt can have up to 4 people living there, thru either local or state laws, regardless of how many people you FEEL should be there.

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