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question for landlords by AnonymousInIowa on December 23, 2018 @14:45

I hope it's ok for a tenant to post here:

1. How often is it appropriate/acceptable for LL to 'visit' tenants?
(Rarely does a week pass that LL does not come here, although there's nothing going on. I'm never given advance notice, he figures he can simply show up whenever he chooses).

2. How much is excessive when it comes to non-essential remodeling?
(These frequent projects disrupt my everyday life, interfere with my work-from-home job, usually for extended periods of time. Jobs are never done and completed but stretch on and on, and I'm always being told of something else that needs to be done).
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Re: question for landlords by Garry on December 23, 2018 @17:08 [ Reply ]
I'm a LL from Iowa. But I need more info to be able to help you. Please list the various things the LL is coming over to work on. When the LL leaves for the day, does he say when he will be back? If you are working from home, does the LL know that, and is his work bothering yours? Are you in 1 room, where you can close the door, so he cannot bother you. Also, what hrs are you working, and what times are the LL coming over? Are the unfinished projects stopping you from using certain areas of your home, for long periods of time?

Are you up-to-date in paying rent? When does your lease end? A LL has the right to come over to work on projects, but unless he says he is coming back the next day, he should be giving you a 24 hr notice, either written or by phone or text, as to the date and time he will be coming over next. You may end up writing the LL a letter saying when you are working, and when he can come over to work. And depending on how much he is disrupting your life, if you are close to the end of your lease, you may want to look for another place, and give him notice you are moving.

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