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Re: question for landlords - Landlord Forum thread 358854

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Re: question for landlords by Garry on December 23, 2018 @17:08

I'm a LL from Iowa. But I need more info to be able to help you. Please list the various things the LL is coming over to work on. When the LL leaves for the day, does he say when he will be back? If you are working from home, does the LL know that, and is his work bothering yours? Are you in 1 room, where you can close the door, so he cannot bother you. Also, what hrs are you working, and what times are the LL coming over? Are the unfinished projects stopping you from using certain areas of your home, for long periods of time?

Are you up-to-date in paying rent? When does your lease end? A LL has the right to come over to work on projects, but unless he says he is coming back the next day, he should be giving you a 24 hr notice, either written or by phone or text, as to the date and time he will be coming over next. You may end up writing the LL a letter saying when you are working, and when he can come over to work. And depending on how much he is disrupting your life, if you are close to the end of your lease, you may want to look for another place, and give him notice you are moving.
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Re: question for landlords by Jannie1 on December 24, 2018 @17:21 [ Reply ]
Garry had very good comments. Putting things in writing is always a good idea. I only do periodic inspections.
Re: question for landlords by AnonymousInIowa on January 4, 2019 @22:03 [ Reply ]
Thank you Garry & Jannie, I appreciate your responses.
A couple of years ago I asked for a new lease, but he got mad and said it wasn't necessary. I do prefer everything to be in writing. I'm not behind in rent, and don't break rules.

When LL comes here without contractors, he doesn't usually do work- either stands there and makes remarks about my appearance, or looks around the apt. like he's looking for something else that needs to be done. I keep normal business hours, he's aware of this.

Something didn't occur to me til a few days ago: there are almost two dozen apartments in this complex, and this is the only OCCUPIED apt. that's been going through ongoing remodeling work; and it's been going on for three years, and he's still coming up with things he plans to do (or have contractors do).
First, none of the work has been for practical necessity- nothing was worn out, broken, or in poor condition. Second, there've been other tenants living here longer than me, and some nearly as long, but no unnecessary work has been done in those apartments. During the last 3 years, virtually the entire apt. has been redone, changed-out, replaced, etc. for no legitimate reason- one project after another, on and on and on. I know LL's have the right to do things, but it's been one thing after another, and other tenants have not been having these experiences.

It'd take space to list many examples, the most recent was decorative tiling above the stove & counter top- this project stretched on for over a month, although I was told it'd take a few hours.

A connected question: is it considered acceptable for LL or contractors to bring additional people into apartments with no legitimate reason? The first time, a contractor brought in a flock of young people, living room was packed with teenagers. Also, when LL brought a contractor to look at the tiling work, they brought a young woman with them and she came in each time the contractor came in to work. As she wasn't assisting him, all I could guess was she was his girlfriend. In neither instance did anyone tell me who the other people were, much less ask if it was ok. It's like everybody thinks they can show up and come in whenever they choose, like I don't even live here.
It's beyond me how "peaceful enjoyment" and "right to privacy" fit in with any of this.

This is a small 1-bedroom apt., but the living room/kitchen is one room. I have desktop PC/modem, it won't move any further. But in my opinion, as none of this work is necessary, and other tenants aren't going through it, there's something kinda wrong about it. What do you think?
    Re: question for landlords by Garry on January 5, 2019 @14:06 [ Reply ]
    If you have not signed a lease in 2 years, you are automatically on a month to month lease by Iowa law. If you TRULY want to get out of this situation, you are going to have to move. As Dr. Phil says, you can only change yourself, and no other person. No matter what you say or do, you are NEVER going to stop this LL from coming over.

    If you TRULY want to get away from all this harassment, then next week give the LL your WRITTEN notice that you are moving out by Feb 28, 2019. The notice MUST be sent by both regular and certified mail to the LLs address (or wherever you send your rent to). By Iowa law, the MINIMUM 30 day notice to move does not start until the following time rent is due. HOWEVER, because Feb. is a short month, you should mail it by Jan 20, 2019 to be within Iowa law. Your 30 days will start Jan 28 because of the short Feb month. You can also hand-deliver a copy to the LL if he comes over in Jan. Iowa law says you MUST allow 4 days for the cert mailing to take place, so that is why I said to get it mailed by Jan.20.

    Once mailed, you NEED to start looking for a new place, get approved, put a deposit down, and MOVE. REMEMBER, leave your apartment TOTALLY clean, with NO damages for the LL to try to charge you for. And pay your Feb rent on time. Take pictures on the day you move out. If you cannot find a place, you will need to move in with friends, relatives, or into a hotel, as staying past Feb 28 will create major problems for you. Be sure to return the keys on Feb 28, and give the LL a written forwarding address as to where he can send your deposit statement to(by March 31).
      Re: question for landlords by Jannie1 on January 5, 2019 @15:41 [ Reply ]
      Since you on now on a MTM lease I would find another place & leave - Making sure to put your notice in writing, TAKE pictures after you have cleaned the apartment & turn in the keys to the LL. Pay rent on time so there is qubbling. I have both been a T & LL this is not usual behavior.
      I would get out of the situation.

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