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Tenant damage to stove/oven range - Landlord Forum thread 358869

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Tenant damage to stove/oven range by kathleen on January 2, 2019 @16:24

I have an older stove (10 yr old maytag gemini) in my rental unit and tenants that destroy everything within their possession. Never had a problem with previous tenants and stove/oven works great ..problem is, these particular tenants are, for lack of better word, filthy. I have never seen an appliance be treated like such garbage: both handles torn off, front glass door on oven missing, and just generally disgusting with grime everywhere. The other side of this problem is that these tenants love to break everything in general, they are extremely hard on the house to the point where literally everything will need to be touched upon their move out. This is a lower income area and high demand for rentals. My plan is to remedy this latest problem and send them their notice to vacate. But until that glorious day, my question is this..

How do I go about charging them for this?
I had an appliance repair guy come out and said it would cost more to fix the cosmetic parts of the stove than to just get the cheapest new one I could find. I agree but now not sure how to approach my tenants about this..they are very combative too, oh joy.

This is my best solution so far:
Let them know the unit is still working, but due to their damage and age of the unit it is not cosmetically repairable. I can not just let it be because with the glass door missing someone could burn themselves if it is touched so a solution needs to be found. I have found a cheaper new unit for $500 of which I would request they pay at least half and they cant take it with them.

Is this reasonable? What am I missing? How does depreciation tie into all this? Please help fellow landlords!
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Re: Tenant damage to stove/oven range by kathleen on January 2, 2019 @20:00 [ Reply ]
I'm in CA and CA law does not require landlords to provide appliances and to refer to our lease. Well, good thing I got the lpa agreement here cause my lease had it right, although it should be amended to add the part about maintenance of appliances. Anyhow, I think I'm good. Gonna have tenant acquire and use their own of their choosing till their lease is done.
Re: Tenant damage to stove/oven range by lpadave on January 2, 2019 @22:54 [ Reply ]
Well,....ten year old stove has long ago been fully depreciated out.
Sounds like your tenants were not properly screened,.. Even for low end market. You say it is a LL market so you should have your pick of tenants for your properly priced unit. Good, serviceable used stoves are generally 100 to 300 dollars,....not 500 for a new one which they will trash. Properties in that type of market MUST be aggressively managed and inspected frequently, every six months with no nonsense notices of conditions needing correction. Stove was clean and working when they took possession. I'd notice the conditions in writing per the lease and let them correct it at their expense. Be prepared to hose that place down, gut it and rebuild why they finally go away.
Re: Tenant damage to stove/oven range by June on January 3, 2019 @00:36 [ Reply ]
Sorry, but you learned a hard lesson: "when you lay with dogs, you wake up with fleas". If you rent to trash, they will always trash your property. That's what they do, it's their "job". Losers despise and resent anybody a notch above them in the "food chain". They trash because they are "getting even with you for having anything better than what they have or are." Do yourself a favor and do most thorough screening next time and visit their last digs (where they currently live when they apply for rent with you). What you will see, is exactly what you will get and likely even worse! Don't take this personally, we all make mistakes. Just don't do it again. Be careful! All the best to you!
Are you brave enough to tell them "You broke it, you bought it"?
Re: Tenant damage to stove/oven range by Erica on January 18, 2019 @07:20 [ Reply ]
I faced the same problem with my tenant.

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