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Bad behaving tenant - Landlord Forum thread 358873

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Bad behaving tenant by Thomas on January 3, 2019 @08:51

Hi, We have a tenant, call him Jim, that had an aggressive dog breed but had filled out a pet deposit on a docile breed, we made him either move or give the dog away, he gave the dog away. Now Jim is making life difficult with a non tenant neighbor, call him Bob, who was the one who reported Jim's aggressive dog who had gone after Bob's dogs. Jim now does stare downs most mornings to Bob and the latest was to throw fire crackers at Bob's little dogs. We like Bob and his family a lot and don't want him to have to endure this.

What can we do as landlords to stop this bad behavior of Jim? We don't want to make things worse for Bob.

Thank you,
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Re: Bad behaving tenant by L. on January 3, 2019 @11:06 [ Reply ]
If Jim is a month-to-month tenant just give him a termination notice. If he's on a fixed lease, give him the option of ending it early.

You can use the "happy clause" as in you seem unhappy with your surroundings so we're releasing you from your agreement.

Sometimes that's enough to get them to knock off the bad behavior.

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