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Re: question for landlords - Landlord Forum thread 358885

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Re: question for landlords by Garry on January 5, 2019 @14:06

If you have not signed a lease in 2 years, you are automatically on a month to month lease by Iowa law. If you TRULY want to get out of this situation, you are going to have to move. As Dr. Phil says, you can only change yourself, and no other person. No matter what you say or do, you are NEVER going to stop this LL from coming over.

If you TRULY want to get away from all this harassment, then next week give the LL your WRITTEN notice that you are moving out by Feb 28, 2019. The notice MUST be sent by both regular and certified mail to the LLs address (or wherever you send your rent to). By Iowa law, the MINIMUM 30 day notice to move does not start until the following time rent is due. HOWEVER, because Feb. is a short month, you should mail it by Jan 20, 2019 to be within Iowa law. Your 30 days will start Jan 28 because of the short Feb month. You can also hand-deliver a copy to the LL if he comes over in Jan. Iowa law says you MUST allow 4 days for the cert mailing to take place, so that is why I said to get it mailed by Jan.20.

Once mailed, you NEED to start looking for a new place, get approved, put a deposit down, and MOVE. REMEMBER, leave your apartment TOTALLY clean, with NO damages for the LL to try to charge you for. And pay your Feb rent on time. Take pictures on the day you move out. If you cannot find a place, you will need to move in with friends, relatives, or into a hotel, as staying past Feb 28 will create major problems for you. Be sure to return the keys on Feb 28, and give the LL a written forwarding address as to where he can send your deposit statement to(by March 31).
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Re: question for landlords by Jannie1 on January 5, 2019 @15:41 [ Reply ]
Since you on now on a MTM lease I would find another place & leave - Making sure to put your notice in writing, TAKE pictures after you have cleaned the apartment & turn in the keys to the LL. Pay rent on time so there is qubbling. I have both been a T & LL this is not usual behavior.
I would get out of the situation.

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