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Adding an additional Tenant - Landlord Forum thread 358950

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Adding an additional Tenant by John on January 24, 2019 @12:07

I have a rental with two tenants. Both tenants are on the lease, a mother and daughter. The mother recently gotten married and wants to add her husband on the lease. I checked out her husband and he seems Okay legally. My questions I guess is assuming I"m okay with it I can add her husband. Now I will also amend the lease with the extra tenant. Can the tenant asks to remove her daughter? Is there anything else I need to consider.
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Re: Adding an additional Tenant by AnonymousFL on January 24, 2019 @13:02 [ Reply ]
As the landlord, "you can do whatever you want". Both you and they will need to agree to and sign off on the changes. For example, amending the lease to add the new husband.

We usually do not worry about adding or removing people to the lease except during renewal time when the lease is being done again anyway.

I also suggest that you inspect the unit for any damages. With the daughter exiting and the husband coming in, if there is ever a falling out in the family, they could easily come back and cause trouble with who is responsible for what if you do not address it in some way.
Re: Adding an additional Tenant by Susan on January 24, 2019 @18:01 [ Reply ]
Go to LPA Essential Forms and use the Lease Addendum form to add the new person to the agreement signed by all parties of the lease.

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