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Tenant refusing to purchase propane - Landlord Forum thread 358954

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Tenant refusing to purchase propane by kathleen on January 24, 2019 @17:49

Tenants house uses propane for a wall heater. No other appliances are ran off gas so tenant decides they dont need propane, not even for heating purposes (wtf?). When tenant moved in, tank was 70% full. They used it all. I need to test the heater/associated gas lines but tenant is refusing because they "cant a Ford it" to which I reminded them they used the 70% and should be able to fill it at least to there so I can do the test. They are refusing.

I'm thinking I fill it and bill them the 70% they used. This way I can at least perform the test and recoup my money from the propane they didnt ever plan on paying me back for..? What do you think? Is my plan right on or is there an angle I'm not considering here?
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Re: Tenant refusing to purchase propane by Susan on January 24, 2019 @17:55 [ Reply ]
The answer to the question is-
does your lease say who is responsible for the propane gas?
Re: Tenant refusing to purchase propane by Garry on January 24, 2019 @19:56 [ Reply ]
For the moment, don't worry about who pays for it. If you are in an area where all this super cold weather is right now and into next week, you need to protect your property at all costs from pipes freezing. Pay to have the tank completely filled asap, and then bill the tenant next month for the whole cost. Inform them when you get it filled, that you are going to take it out of any money they pay you for rent FIRST, and then write a receipt for the remaining rent they paid. Then give them a 3 day notice to pay the rest of the rent, or move. Be prepared to go to court if need be.
Re: Tenant refusing to purchase propane by Eric (MN) on February 8, 2019 @10:41 [ Reply ]
What would you need to test? They don't need/want propane, you don't need to test anything.

Just terminate their lease at the earliest time. Or bump the rent a bit more to cover propane, even if they don't use it.

Forcing the issue will only cause more issues.

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