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When does a lease renewal expire? - Landlord Forum thread 358967

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When does a lease renewal expire? by Fred on January 26, 2019 @16:40

I had a real estate lawyer write up my residential lease. He wrote a lease for 1 yr with a renewal clause that states "This lease will automatically renew for a period of 1 year unless either party provides a minimum of 30 days notice prior to the end of the current lease"
Does that mean it renews year after year?
We were told that meant if we wanted to cancel the lease we would have to wait until the 11th month each year before it expired and either issue a move out request or invoke a new lease if we wanted to change it to month to month.
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Re: When does a lease renewal expire? by Garry on January 26, 2019 @18:00 [ Reply ]
You are correct. Either you or the tenant must, in writing, give the other a notice that says you are not renewing the lease, and the T must move out. It's a MINIMUM 0f 30 days notice, so to be safe, either party should give the notice 45-60 days before the lease ends. If you want the lease to go M2M, but not have the T move out, just say that, instead of giving the T notice to move. But if you wanted to just increase the rent, you can only do it at that 1 year point. However, only YOU can make the lease M2M. The T has no say-so on it, since you are the owner, and it's YOUR lease. Once it becomes M2M, you can give the T a minimum 30 day notice of a change in terms, such as asking the T to move, or increasing the rent. The M2M lease just keeps on going, until one of you decides to give a notice. All my Ts are M2M, and I have 4 of them that have been with me for 8-18 years.

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