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heating system out for several weeks - Landlord Forum thread 359053

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heating system out for several weeks by Joel on February 14, 2019 @14:01

The lease has no mention of such. The plumbing people cannot turn on the water to the 2 units in this duplex, since the radiators burst in the recent cold spell. The upstairs unit is rented out, but they cannot live there without water.
What is the usual and customary way to handle this. We landlords are obligated to find housing for them? or pay for a month (or more) stay in a hotel? or task them with finding their own temp housing until the problem is resovlved?

Thank you, Joel
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Re: heating system out for several weeks by Garry on February 14, 2019 @16:39 [ Reply ]
Each state usually has their own laws regarding uninhabitable property. But as a general rule, on the date a property becomes uninhabitable, the tenants owe the LL no more rent from that point, on, until it becomes habitable again. The T is responsible for finding their own place to live at that point, and the LL does not have to pay for it. This is so the T cannot decide to stay in a $200-$300 per day hotel, and charge the LL for it. Besides, the T could also decide to couch-surf for 2-4 weeks, at no cost to them, till they can move back to your rental again. As the LL, you should be in contact with your T every other day, to update them on the repairing of the problem. If the repairs are going to take longer than about 3 weeks, you should offer them the option of being let out of their lease, with NO penalties. If you BOTH agree to that, in writing, give them 1 week to get all their personal items out, get the keys back, return their deposit (less any damages THEY may have caused while living there), and start over again to find new Ts, after everything has been repaired and cleaned.

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