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Tenant talks about bedbugs - Landlord Forum thread 359077

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Tenant talks about bedbugs by John on February 19, 2019 @14:21

So I was heading yesterday to my rental property to replace a bad fridge. The tenant messaged me that morning indicating that for a while now she's been getting bite marks on her and last night she felt something crawling on her and caught it. She said she googled it and she thinks its a bedbug. She then said she called terminix and it's going to be a free estimate.

She has been there since September and this is the first I've heard of this.

Also, she said it was a bed bug. I'm not sure how she knows this, it could be anything. I'm assuming it's likely a bedbug.

I lived there for several months before she moved in and I was never bitten by anything. The home was unfurnished during that time.

Upon delivering the fridge, her husband mentioned it again while I was getting finished. I asked him when did this all start and he said a few weeks ago. I told him that bed bugs can come from anywhere (i.e. city buses, hotels etc).

My question is who's responsible for this in this case. I told her to let me know what the terminix guy says. She said he's coming in on thursday.
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Re: Tenant talks about bedbugs by Edward on February 23, 2019 @12:25 [ Reply ]
Is this a single family home?

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