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Re: Tenant refuses to pay late fee - Landlord Forum thread 359084

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Re: Tenant refuses to pay late fee by LAMAC66 on February 20, 2019 @13:26

Move into the tech age and get a online payment app or web portal where tenant pays rent.You set up the date that rent is due and what amount. You can set up when rent is late and can not be paid unless late fee is included.

This keeps tenants from gaming the system by partially paying rent and paying in full when they get good and ready to.

If rent is not paid by that date. Automated notice is sent out, and you print the same notice and post on there door and mail by certified mail.

If rent is not paid along with late fee, then you file for eviction. That simple.
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Re: Tenant refuses to pay late fee by AnonymousFL on February 22, 2019 @12:09 [ Reply ]
I disagree. I don't see that as a solution to her problem. It sounds like you are suggesting using and online system in order to avoid interacting with the tenant. Avoidance just delays and possible escalates the problem.

Sadly, penalizing a tenant's pocketbook is really the only tool a landlord has to enforce rules (other than threatening eviction). I think it is better to stand firm and tell the tenant that when their rent is late, they have to pay the late fee. Obviously, the landlord can try to work with the tenant (such as forgiving the first late payment) if the tenant sounds sincere is correcting their ways.

The way we do it is not only charge the late fee, but charge 18% interest on unpaid amounts (which our state allows). Then, at the end of the lease, we do not automatically send a renewal to those folks. Instead, we send a letter stating that we would be willing to discuss renewal options...and in that meeting, we discuss payment issues...and if they don't pay it or want to be difficult, we may not renew them.
Re: Tenant refuses to pay late fee by Daniel (CA) on February 23, 2019 @13:51 [ Reply ]
having an online digital payment option can screw up evictions out here in LA. There has to be a decline option in the digital payment so that the money never remains in the landlords account if it is paid after eviction starts.
    Re: Tenant refuses to pay late fee by LAMAC66 on February 27, 2019 @12:00 [ Reply ]
    So, digitally in an online system there is no way to set the settings to not accept rent online after a certain date in CA. Just curious.

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