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Oregon Rent Control and Oregon Rental Housing Asc. - Landlord Forum thread 359092

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Oregon Rent Control and Oregon Rental Housing Asc. by Lighthope on February 21, 2019 @16:26

So apparently Oregon is mulling over a bill for Statewide rent control.

What blew me away was that a group calling itself The The Oregon Rental Housing Association is in favour of the legislation.

Anyone know anything about that organization? Are they really pro-landlord? Or are they pro-tenant in disguise?

Here is a link to the article.
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Re: Oregon Rent Control and Oregon Rental Housing Asc. by NVOR on February 21, 2019 @19:50 [ Reply ]
As a long distance LL of a house in the Portland area and a house in Central Oregon, my eyes popped open reading your post [I am remiss in keeping a close eye on changing LL issues].

However, after looking into the Bill, I find it reasonable - even with the proposed discontinued "no-cause" eviction after one year. I agree with the OR Rental Housing Assoc in their statement " the measure protects good tenants while not encouraging landlords to leave the business and invest their money elsewhere."

I find capping at a 7% [plus inflation] increase a year absolutely generous & more than fair to the LL. And, after the tenant leaves you can increase to any amount.

Re: Oregon Rent Control and Oregon Rental Housing Asc. by Daniel (CA) on February 23, 2019 @14:00 [ Reply ]
it is pivot politics. Rent Control is bad news for every LL.

Here in California, the judges use the Rent Control Law to punish LL's for wasting the courts time with petty disputes. The judges are rewriting precedent as long as it will benefit the group in the racket.
Re: Oregon Rent Control and Oregon Rental Housing Asc. by Kathleen on February 27, 2019 @20:20 [ Reply ]
This group isn't "in favor", they are neutral. I saw the testimony from their group on it. When you know what the tenants rights groups were pushing for and almost got last year, this is really not that bad. It isn't great, but compared to HB2004 that almost got in last year, it is something landlords can work with. Unfortunately, the renters rights groups targeted and actively did their best to remove any legislator that didn't vote with them last year.

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