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Security Deposit receipts - Landlord Forum thread 359108

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Security Deposit receipts by Ellie on February 26, 2019 @20:59

I have a tenant who is asking me for all receipts that I deducted from her sec deposit. I sent her only the statement.
My husband and I did minor jobs there like cleaning, change a sink, patching hole in the walls,re-rent expenses. All Other repairs we sent a handy man. I can tell 50% us and 50% a handy man.
I have the recepit from handy man but the work my husband and I made we charged just our time and reuse materials from other properties.
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Re: Security Deposit receipts by LAMAC66 on February 27, 2019 @08:43 [ Reply ]
Statement will do until ordered to court
Re: Security Deposit receipts by Garry on February 27, 2019 @11:17 [ Reply ]
Iowa law does not say a LL must send receipts for repair costs that a T left you after they moved. It only says the LL must describe with some detail, what you did, and the costs involved in any/each repair you made, or cleaning you did. On your sec. statement to her, did you list several items, with costs of each item ? My lists to the former T are usually 5-20 separate lines stating the item repaired/replaced, or the amount of time it took to clean/repair/replace something, and then the amount for each.

From your post, I would question your of charging "re-rent expenses". You could only charge for those if the T broke the lease, and moved out in the middle of it, when you expected her to stay and fulfill the lease. If the T moved out at the end of her lease, you asked the T to leave, or even if you evicted the T, then you cannot charge a T "re-renting expenses".

It's fine to charge for your own time to clean and repair things, as long as you are "reasonable" with the $ per hour, and the time it took. (say $10-$15 per hour, for 10-30 hours). Excessive/outlandish amounts could provoke the T to take you to court.

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