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transfer of utilities - Landlord Forum thread 359126

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transfer of utilities by Donna on March 8, 2019 @16:16

I am evicting a tenant for non-payment of rent. We have been through hell with this tenant and tried very hard to work with him. When we filed for the return of our property, he did not show up in court. He was given notice of his eviction on 3/5/19 which gives him ten more days to vacate. On 3/4/19 he had the utilities cut off that were in his name. We have an agreement with PPL that when a tenant moves in they have to transfer the utilities from our name to theirs, once the Utilities are cut off by the tenant the utilities automatically transfer to our name for convenience - for the tenant and LL cleaning, repairs, ect.
T is still living there and stealing, basically utilities that we are now paying for. I want to know if I can shut off the utilities even though he is still in the apt? This is turning into Pacific Heights with this T. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: transfer of utilities by Garry on March 8, 2019 @17:59 [ Reply ]
No, you cannot have them shut off. All you can do is wait til he does move out, and try to figure out the amounts he used from March 4, til move-out. What ever that is, they can be charged against his deposit. However, I'm sure he will owe you a lot more than his deposit will cover, so then you will have to make a decision as to whether you want to sue him in court, or not. The utils will just be another part of the damages, unpaid rent, and eviction costs the T will owe you for.
Re: transfer of utilities by Brad on March 15, 2019 @17:11 [ Reply ]
Right. You cannot have them shut off now. You'll just have to wait it out and then try to recover damages in court if you want to go that route.
This is why I never have the utilities go back to my name automatically. Even though it would be more convenient like you said. Plus, I believe it saves a transfer fee. I would rather pay the fee than risk being in this situation.

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