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Re: End Lease - Landlord Forum thread 359132

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Re: End Lease by AnonymousFL on March 12, 2019 @13:34

Correct. In Illinois, tenants must give landlords 30 days notice if they are vacating and landlords must give tenants 30 days notice if they are not offering a renewal.

From what I have read though, unless your lease specifically states that it will auto-renew, it does not and you are considered a hold over and you can be evicted. However, if the landlord accepts rent payment while you are a hold over, the lease then ceases to be a hold over and is now considered a month-to-month with all of the conditions of the prior lease. So, check to see if your last rent check was cashed.

It would be best if you had something in writing that indicated that they intended on renewing your lease as it shows intention on their side. In my mind, your best course of action would be to send a nice letter stating that you are interested in staying, mention the conversation you had with the person in the previous month, and you have not yet received a new lease. If they do not respond AND you are ok with a month to month lease, then leave things as they are (but keep in mind that they can non-renew or raise the rent with a 30 days notice). If you want to lock in a lease for the year, very nicely follow-up in writing 10 to 14 days later.

No matter what happens, try to keep your cool and be pleasant.

Good luck with it.
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