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HELP!! Tenants divorcing leaving me with a BIG iss - Landlord Forum thread 359185

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HELP!! Tenants divorcing leaving me with a BIG iss by shannon on April 5, 2019 @18:15

Tenants are divorcing husband moved out he's been communicating with me she is not really communicating much.

There are a bunch of repairs to do more than their deposit all the flooring needs replaced the dog flattened all of lawn almost all of the grass and compacted all of the soil in the backyard. Just issues in every room. Anyway here's the issue...

He's been saying he would repair things although I think he'll fall out some because of the sheer amount that needs to be done, she's trying to pretend it doesn't exist putting most of it all on him. He's upset saying he's doing all this stuff and she's doing nothing. Am I able to separate things like if the total damage was 10,000 is she responsible for 5 when it's like this or can I not differentiate between the two since they were a married couple living in the home. I just don't know what to do I feel kind of bad for him but at the same time it's their issue and I truly don't know all of the truth and certainly don't know what went on between them.

I would think that I'm not supposed to get involved in the he-said-she-said and the stuff in between, bottom line is it needs to get done and turned over and I would think I shouldn't be involved trying to mediate between the two of them more than I've done all ready to just be nice. I'm assuming if he's wanting to do the stuff an cover the cost of things so he doesnt have to go to court (as they had with a previos landlord and lost) he would then have to file a suit against her for her half of the responsibilities I don't think I can do assuming they have to work that out

I'm just having a really hard time lately two places in a row, and I'm caring for my other half who had a stroke I just feel like I'm going nuts lately LOL. I try to be fair and nice but sometimes I think I'm too nice.
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Re: HELP!! Tenants divorcing leaving me with a BIG iss by Garry on April 7, 2019 @14:15 [ Reply ]
You are correct in saying that you should stay out of your tenant's disagreements. BOTH of them are your tenants, so never take sides one over the other. They both signed a lease with you, so both of them are responsible for any damages or unpaid rent, even if one of them has already moved out. Any future notices to them (such as a 3 day notice to pay rent, 30 day notice to move, security deposit statement, or court filings), should be in writing, with BOTH names on the documents, and sent by both regular and certified mail to them at their current place.

What you should concentrate on now, is your spouse's health, not on your T's problems. Don't worry about repairing any damages at your rental until both Ts are out, but get them out ASAP. If they haven't paid April's rent start your state's eviction process on Monday. If their lease will be up shortly, give them a 30 day notice to move. Once they are out, change the locks, take pictures of everything they left you (damages, personal items, garbage, furniture, etc ), then start cleaning and repairing things, and send them the Sec. Dep. statement within 30 days, showing what they still owe you. Then plan on taking them to court later this year for what they owe.

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