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Tenant left changed locks and locked landlord out - Landlord Forum thread 359188

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Tenant left changed locks and locked landlord out by Elizabeth on April 8, 2019 @13:01

So we were renting a lot and selling a mobile home on a lease purchase agreement. Tenant did not pay rent, was served with 7 day Non payment notice, vacated the property but had changed the locks and not given me a key. They will not respond in any way. Other than just breaking in the mobile home, any ideas? I'll be taking them to small claims court anyway.
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Re: Tenant left changed locks and locked landlord out by Garry on April 8, 2019 @14:04 [ Reply ]
Post a 24 hour notice on their door, stating the date and time that you will be coming in to check if they have left yet. Take a close-up pic of the notice when you post it. Then take a witness with you the next day when you go in. If your key does not open the door, then break in, and if the T is gone, take pics of everything, and then change the locks, and repair the damaged you caused when you broke in. You can then charge the T for the way you had to gain access to your property.
Re: Tenant left changed locks and locked landlord out by AnonymousFL on April 17, 2019 @19:29 [ Reply ]
A locksmith will get it open for you without doing any damage. You just have to show you are the owner of the building.

Charge the locksmith call back on the customer, swap the lock out. If the lock is any good, hold it for 30 days in case they come back for it...and then have it rekeyed to whatever key you need if the cost in your area is good.

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