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Re: worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up?? - Landlord Forum thread 359193

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Re: worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up?? by June on April 9, 2019 @13:44

Thanks LPA DAVE! Thanks Dave for your honest forthright description of the current status of the rental market. I too have had multiples begging to get in there. If one goes, they all must be evicted because the others cannot carry the $ load. Another item: they all know how to sue the landlords! The courts are full of them and their "lawyers"; i.e. the lawyers who troll for T's on line..."R U a Renter? We can help U get what U deserve. We will sue your LL....." Many little Mom/Pop LL's R selling and fleeing for their lives from this biz which is a shame because the amount of rental properties diminishes, so where are those people going to live? LL's provide a great service to those who don't yet have a down pmt. or cannot yet qualify for a mortgage. Some T's are like the typical parasite that bleeds the host white, fails to realize that when host dies the parasite will also die! They are shooting themselves in their own feet and crying from pain, demanding the gov't provide them housing! Result: hard working taxpayers are forced to subsidize them via more taxes heaped upon them. What a system!
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