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Re: worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up?? - Landlord Forum thread 359210

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Re: worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up?? by Cedric on April 15, 2019 @19:02

According to Wolf Street, a bearish investment site, housing prices are falling. This could mean that the supply of *qualified* buyers is falling, so, for renters, maybe the supply of *qualified* renters is falling. My guess is that these unqualified tenants are trying to live in yesterday's economy with today's wages. If anything, you may want to be *more* diligent about screening.

Maybe change your Craigslist ad to only accept emails, and include a pre-screening set of questions, as well as a request for inquiring parties to introduce themselves.
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Re: worst year ever for qualified tenants? What's Up?? by June on April 20, 2019 @12:26 [ Reply ]
Thank you Cedric! I have the pre screening set of Q's in place which saves me time and show dates to unqualified individuals. Yes, you are absolutely correct, very stringent screening is definitely in order. Must verify everything they
put on their Application Form. Lying seems to be the standard operating procedure for most of them. Yes, you are also right on about LL's must keep up with the times and adjust our screening and other practices to "save ourselves" from unscrupulous T's. Thank you again Cedric. LL's are loaded with wisdom and experience and so glad that we can share our info to help each other. You are most kind indeed!

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