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Tenant Divorcing and both want other to leave - Landlord Forum thread 359216

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Tenant Divorcing and both want other to leave by Rashmi on April 18, 2019 @13:13

Tenants are separating/divorcing and one of them is asking to stay and provided financial proof to pay the rent and verbally said that the other does not make enough to take care of rent alone. Both are on the lease and the other one is not willing to leave and believes can take care of rent alone.
What are my options? How can I handle this ? My thought is they need to resolve between them who is staying and who is leaving the home, but if that does not happen between them then what will be a good solution for my property without getting into their personal matter.
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Re: Tenant Divorcing and both want other to leave by Garry on April 20, 2019 @17:48 [ Reply ]
Your thoughts are correct. You need to stay out of their business/lives, and let them solve their own problems themselves. You should have NO opinion as to who stays or goes. All you should care about, is getting your rent every month, and that their bickering does not cause damage to your property. If you don't get your rent, or there are damages done, you need to send them BOTH a letter stating to pay the rent(a 3 day notice to pay or quit), or repair the damage.

Whichever one of them decides to leave, they must say so in writing, and all 3 of you must agree to it, in writing. The person who leaves, is still responsible for any future rent, until you have the remaining person fill out a new application for you, you approve them, and sign a new lease with them. Non-approval of the staying person, means s/he will have to move out, also. Keep communication between all parties businesslike, and in writing.

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