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Letter for past tenants to sign... - Landlord Forum thread 359220

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Letter for past tenants to sign... by Adrian on April 18, 2019 @21:18

I was wondering if their was a form/letter that I can send to past tenants, for them to sign, that states they will pay a certain amount, by a certain date, that they owe for damages after applying their SD?
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Re: Letter for past tenants to sign... by Garry on April 20, 2019 @17:11 [ Reply ]
There are probably forms out there, but what good are they? If someone left you a bunch of damages that they decided not to repair before they left, what makes you think they are going to pay you for fixing those damages now? What I do, is when I send the Sec. Dep. statement out, if they owe for damages, I state the amount, and request they pay that amount within 30 days. 95% of the time you will get no response. If 60 days have went by with no response, then you must decide if it's worth your time and money to take them to court.

Remember, it takes additional money to file in a court. You must be able to find the former Ts, have them served (more money), and you must show up in court and prove your case. Then if you win, do they have a job or a bank account you can garnish? If not, then you're SOL. Of course, in some states, that judgement stays on their record for 10 years, so if that T applies for a loan later in life, they may have to pay off that judgement in order to get a loan. I don't chase tenants. I, personally, don't want to see those bad Ts again, no matter how much money they owe me. I'll take my losses, and get my places re-rented again and continue on with life.

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