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Just bought the building - Landlord Forum thread 359228

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Just bought the building by scott on April 20, 2019 @23:11

I just bought the building, where I live. Iím planning no changes but is there any type of notification I have to give like a certain form. I was looking on the forms library and I couldnít see one. All I want is some formal notification to the tenant that says I am now the owner no changes for now and I get the rent payment
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Re: Just bought the building by Garry on April 21, 2019 @19:43 [ Reply ]
There are probably forms out there for what you want to say, but why would you want one. If you live in the same building you just bought, many of the other tenants probably already know you. You want to present your image as a very likeable, down to earth, good guy. Form letters won't do that. Just type up in your own, everyday words, who you are, that you have recently purchased the building that you have been aq tenant in for X number of years, and where to send the rent to (and in what form).

Did you get a list of all the current tenants from the previous owner? When you send each T your letter, use their full name on the address on each envelope, but the inside letter should talk to them using their first name only. In it, not only should you say their will be no changes in rent for now, but if any of them have problems in their respective apartments that they may need solved, could they please write you a letter about them, and you will look into the problem asap. Right now, you want to present yourself as a "White Knight" that comes in and fixes everybody's problems, and then raises their rents next year when everybody is happy with you and their recent repairs/improvements.

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