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Paint storage at rentals - Landlord Forum thread 359237

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Paint storage at rentals by Brendan on April 23, 2019 @18:40

I don't leave unused paint pails/buckets in rental garages. I take them home. I'm getting too many cans of paint now. Do you folks bring paint home from rentals?
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Re: Paint storage at rentals by lpadave on April 23, 2019 @19:29 [ Reply ]
as a general policy I do not leave paint with tenants or available to tenants. I do not want them painting. I try to use the same brand, chemistry, color and finish in all properties so matching and touch ups are easier. Usually white.

quality paint is the cheapest investment you can make and most ''painters'' will use the cheapest c--p they can find, unless you specifically spec otherwise AND check the cans at the beginning of the job.

On custom colors I have painted for tenants, I code and keep extra paint for touch ups. On the rare occasion I find myself with a bunch of partial cans of tinted paint of the same brand, chemistry and finish,......that are still reasonably good and those tenancies have long ago departed,...i'll blend them all into a five gallon pail and cut it with enough white till acceptably pale and use it for an accent wall or to cover graphitti

Habitat for humanity will gladly accept reasonable amounts of decent age paint and give you the tax deduction.

Schools, camps and churches will also sometimes accept latex base paints for the kids classes.

Less than an inch or two left in the can and it goes in the trash.

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