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Settlement Payment In Full - Landlord Forum thread 359312

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Settlement Payment In Full by Daniel (CA) on May 15, 2019 @16:10

what is the correct language to put on a check given the limited amount of space on the memo line?

is it payment is full
full settlement payment

LPA should offer a stamp for this.

I had a SD small claims case and the judge questioned whether I had the legal form of this statement on the check.

I won the case but not without worrying about it.
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Re: Settlement Payment In Full by lpadave on May 15, 2019 @18:51 [ Reply ]
notations on the face or back (endorsement) side of checks are a double edge sword. You can say what you want and the tenant can say what they want,.... and it becomes a he said / she said.

I use, and I believe the LPA Lease also has the specific lease clause that irrespective of any and all notations on the front or back of deposit settlement checks, once the check is deposited by the tenant, the tenant accepts the security deposit settlement statement and refund check as full settlement and release of any / all claims against landlord.

that's your best path, putting your tenant on notice, starting out before the tenant even signs the lease.

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