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Poop stains everywhere - Landlord Forum thread 359351

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Poop stains everywhere by JimmyDimmy on May 31, 2019 @15:47

I am renting out a new condo and the tenants asked me to come and look at their bathtub. I go in the condo and there is literal poop and diarrhea everywhere. I asked them why and they told me that they struggle with controlling their bowels. I do not know what to do. They are otherwise nice people, just seem to struggle with keeping the area clean.

They are an older couple too so I feel bad. Their lease just started.

Please help I think they are going to ruin my condo by leaking their diarrhea everywhere.
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Re: Poop stains everywhere by Garry on June 1, 2019 @00:21 [ Reply ]
If you are in a town of at least 50,000 people, they usually have a non-profit aging services agency that you could call and explain your problem to. If there isn't one near you, try calling your county's health dept. No matter who you call, try not to come off as a LL worrying about damage to his property. Try to show sympathy towards the elderly couple, and true concern for their well being. I'm sure they felt embarrassed when you discovered their "secret", so be the "White Knight" here, and try to get them some needed help.

Re: Poop stains everywhere by Brendan on June 5, 2019 @22:02 [ Reply ]
Get photos every time you visit. You can't have tenants damaging your condo. Document, mail notices.
Re: Poop stains everywhere by Robert on June 11, 2019 @09:51 [ Reply ]
Buy a good carpet cleaning machine and lend it to them and ask them to clean up after themselves. when the lease is up inspect and if your carpets are ruined at that point then dont renew. put in the lease that carpets have to be professionally cleaned every year.

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