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tenant is jail Wisconsin - Landlord Forum thread 359369

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tenant is jail Wisconsin by Clina on June 5, 2019 @22:19

I found out today one of my single young, early twenty's tenant, is in jail. I didn't get the May rent and when I didn't get a response to my texts or phone calls I became concerned. I'm at a loss to know where to go with this.
I found a "rap sheet" about this tenant on the internet and the charges look pretty serious so I don't want to rent to this person any more.
I did leave a text message earlier that I was going to be coming over to check out the apartment tomorrow. (24 hour notice)
At that time I plan on leaving a 5 day pay or quit notice.
I have the parent's phone number but they have not yet returned my calls.
I would appreciate any help for this matter. Thanks.
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Re: tenant is jail Wisconsin by Garry on June 6, 2019 @00:16 [ Reply ]
It's OK to want this person out, but you must do it LEGALLY. This is June. So why did you not give the T the 5 day notice to pay or quit, a month ago when May's rent did not get paid? And a 24 hr notice by text, may not be legal in Wisc. Go over there and POST a 24-48 hr notice that you will be going in on Saturday. Take a witness with you when you go in.

What do you expect to find when you go in? When you post your 24 hr notice, it needs to say the reason WHY you are going in--------to check the smoke detectors and clean the furnace are good reasons, along with wanting to see if they have moved, since you have received no rent, and no contact from them. No matter what you find in the apartment, proceed with Wisc. LL/T laws regarding eviction for nonpayment of rent.
Re: tenant is jail Wisconsin by Kathy on June 12, 2019 @13:20 [ Reply ]
Reasonable notice in Wisconsin is 12 hours. Is this a lease or a month to month rental period? For a month to month agreement, you can use the 14 day notice which gives the tenant 14 days to move without a right to cure the lease violation. In other words, even if he pays the rent he owes, he has to move.

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