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Q&A Forum by June on June 9, 2019 @23:07

Hi, I've been a member for many years and now notice that not many people are posting questions on the Forum. The Q&A Forum is a super learning tool for all of us as we share the same issues and have the same problems to solve if we are LL's.

Frankly, I love logging in to read the Q&A Forum questions and answers on a daily basis. I very much miss everybody's postings and love the great answers I received from all my fellow colleagues! All of you LL's are so helpful and so kind to share and help. Just want you all to know I just love you all for being so generous with your time and your wonderful answers and your willingness to be of such great help.

We are living now in a climate that is going more and more toward "protecting tenants from so called 'unscrupulous' landlords" and it is getting more and more litigious out there as too many entitled T's are just loving to sue for anything and everything. Laws are being passed that make no sense in favor of T's. If this continues, not many people will want to get into the rental biz.

The equal and opposite reaction will be less and less rental housing for people. LL's provide a wonderful service to people who are not yet in a position to purchase their own home or have no interest in owning and managing their own home for whatever reason. One reason is the working public has to go where the jobs are, hence do not want to be tied down with a house to sell, often at a loss, when they change jobs. They may need to move to another state or even a different country for their job.

Thank you to all of you wonderful LL's out there and to LPA for being of such great help and support to us. Hugs to all of you guys and gals!

All the Best to each and every one of you!

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