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Jacuzzi doesn’t work, but listed in my Ad... - Landlord Forum thread 359406

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Jacuzzi doesn’t work, but listed in my Ad... by Peter on June 19, 2019 @10:29

I posted an Ad for my apartment, and stated including Jacuzzi, and then signed a yearlong lease with a tenant. It is not listed in Lease. The Ad I used was just simply copied from my previous owner. I didnít pay attention about Jacuzzi.

After a couple days since she moved in, she brought it up, and saying Jacuzzi was a reason she choose the apartment. She is trying to make me in a bad position. I know this is not the reason, because overall my apartment is good, and rate is lower than market.

I then explained to her saying I didn't pay attention on it, and all previous tenant didn't think it is a big deal. I asked her, is that a problem, or can you accept that? Verbally, She said thatís alright, it is not the end of the work. But, meanwhile, she keeps bring it up, and also said, she saved my Ad. I told her that I would write a document about non-working Jacuzzi to correct, and she needs to sign it. She agreed, verbally.

My question: What should I say in the document? I am thinking steps by written to remedy the situation, because I donít want her to use it against me late.

Thanks a lot for your advice!
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Re: Jacuzzi doesn’t work, but listed in my Ad... by lpadave on June 19, 2019 @11:15 [ Reply ]
As a general matter, doing the """right thing""" I would say you should get it fixed and running if the Lease was silent about the jacuzzi specifically,....or who is responsible for what.

You advertised the the property as with jacuzzi, which assumes it was working. That advertising works against you and In your tenants favor towards a claim of reduction n services and reduction n rent.. Seems like 10 to 30 dollars a month is ballpark fair. That's also an option for you if you don't want to fix. The jacuzzi.

Could be something simple like a tripped circuit breaker. Find out what it needs and go from there.

The signed lease can be modified in writing by both parties by a simple letter stating the facts and signed by both t and Ll. And then attached and incorporated into the existing lease.

Does your tenant want the jacuzzi or a reduction in rent .......?

This is an example of why we make leases as specific as possible so there's no ambiguity about what's what.

This is also why. It is SO IMPORTANT to properly go thru and prep properties for turnovers and document IN THE LEASE existing conditions at rental start and end.
Re: Jacuzzi doesn’t work, but listed in my Ad... by Garry on June 19, 2019 @12:58 [ Reply ]
I'm in total agreement with Lpadave. You listed the jacuzzi in your ad to bring people in. Now it doesn't work. You need to run your BUSINESS the RIGHT WAY, and get it fixed, no matter what it costs. If you specifically list something in your ad, it needs to "Function As Intended" on day 1 of the tenancy.

Most LLs furnish stoves and refiges, and some furnish W/Ds, and they usually say that in their ads. Do you think a T can get by with not having those appliances working starting from day 1? I realize the jacuzzi is not an essential thing, but you need to start out with a HAPPY tenant, instead of one who may start complaining about every little thing that needs your attention for the next year.

You said she keeps bring up the non-working jacuzzi, and also she has saved your ad. That tells me she is documenting things in preparation of maybe going to court to get it fixed (or possibly get out of her lease). What happens if she decides to not sign whatever document you make up? You need to get ahead of this, be the business person that you know you are, and get it fixed asap.

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