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After a year, then m2m, can I terminate it (NJ) - Landlord Forum thread 359436

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After a year, then m2m, can I terminate it (NJ) by ownernj on June 26, 2019 @19:36

I am waiting for a year lease expired and then I can terminate the lease since it would be automatically convert to m2m.

After check a lawyer, T still has reasons to refuse to leave. T can terminate the lease, but Landlord cann't. He didn't elaborate on why. He said, the only reason you can terminate is if Landlord wants to move back.

But, is that true? or Does T have any reasons to refuse, what could these reasons be?
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Re: After a year, then m2m, can I terminate it (NJ) by Garry on June 26, 2019 @20:13 [ Reply ]
Vkk, look over to the right side of your screen. There is a pink-colored column. Under "other areas", click on "landlord tenant law". It will bring up all the State's various LL/T laws. Scroll down to NJ, and click on everything that is for your state. Then you can read from there what applies to your situation.
Re: After a year, then m2m, can I terminate it (NJ) by Tom on June 26, 2019 @22:43 [ Reply ]
New Jersey has certain protections for tenants that make it more difficult to terminate a tenancy. Look up the "Anti-Eviction Act". If the landlord wants to move into the unit, that's one of the several "just causes" allowing you to evict, not the only one as your lawyer led you to believe.

Also, depending on the situation, you might be exempt from the Act. Maybe you fall under the definition of "owner-occupied".

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