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need landlord attorney san diego or ca - Landlord Forum thread 359451

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need landlord attorney san diego or ca by Ted on July 1, 2019 @14:24

Tenant keeps making allegations about safety of the property:
- Roaches: we treated them even though per contract they are supposed to take care of pest. They said pre-existing issue.
- Heating: Condo is heated with individual heaters for 6+ years now. No tenant has complained but them.
- Kitchen: long story but he says he says cabinets are water damaged and kitchen is unusable. There is a minimal damage which I am not sure is caused by damage or him.

They signed 1 year contract with lease break option only 2 months ago. They emailed they are leaving the property but don't want to say when. Not sure what my options are and I would like to consult an attorney because I feel they keep our property as a hostage.
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Re: need landlord attorney san diego or ca by lpadave on July 1, 2019 @19:22 [ Reply ]
1. please post your ''lease break option'' for review here.
2. didn't your tenants inspect premises before they signed the lease, AND sign conditions report as contained in lease?
3. Sounds like these tenants are prime for invoking the '''happiness clause''' -- in which you release them from their lease with them paying all rent due to end of month they actually turn possession back to you, and you both go
about your separate lives.
obviously, they are not happy where there are and there's been a mistake here. You want your tenants to be happy with where they are living.

these guys are going to be a problem and i'd say they're what are known as ''professional tenants'',.....(in the bad definition). i'd put good money on them having a long history of being wise guys and running LL's thru the hoops.
Re: need landlord attorney san diego or ca by Daniel (CA) on July 11, 2019 @18:41 [ Reply ]
did they tell you they are moving out in writing or verbal?

if it in writing then send them an acknowledgement of move out and call it a day.

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