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Eviction process- unlawful detainer complaint - Landlord Forum thread 359471

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Eviction process- unlawful detainer complaint by Brian on July 3, 2019 @14:16

I purchased a bank owned house in wa. state with a occupant that had refused to leave.
I treated it as a post trustee sale and posted the 60 day notice to leave on the door, sent it by regular mail and registered mail. The registered letter was returned to me as the person didn't pick it up at the post office.
I am trying to do the unlawful detainer process myself and have three questions.
1. The occupant is claiming he never saw the notice on the door and also claims he never received the notice by mail. Will this effect the process? I have a picture showing the notice on the door, and the returned registered letter showing I followed the process.
2. I bought a kit specific to wa. state which includes the summons and complaint. The summons is generic and includes a statement to the effect that I'm asking to terminate his tenancy, remove him and enter a money judgment against him for unpaid rent and/or damages. I'm not asking in my complaint for rent, just for him to be removed. Can this stay in the summons or do I need to edit this out? (This is a pdf file that I can't edit, so I would have to re-create the document in Word.
3. How specific does the complaint have to be about the process. (the generic complaint form is for non-payment of rent) I just put in the complaint that the 60 day notice was delivered by a. notice on the door, b. regular mail, c. registered letter which was returned.
I should add the occupant isn't living in the property (it has no water or power as both were shut off for non-payment) so I have limited ability to talk to him. He does occasionally text me, though he has blocked me from texting him.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Eviction process- unlawful detainer complaint by Garry on July 3, 2019 @17:48 [ Reply ]
?????? Your first sentence says the person has refused to leave. Your next to last sentence says the person isn't living in the property. Which is it? Please explain. You purchased a bank-owned property. If it was easy to get someone out, don't you think the bank would have done that BEFORE they decided to sell it? A bank has several lawyers at their disposal, who do this for a living. So WHY is the person still in there?? They could probably have gotten more for the home if it was vacant.

But that's water over the dam. YOU own it now. As with most properties that a bank owns, and then sells, you probably got a pretty good deal, right? So here's my suggestion : Spend some of that money you saved when you bought the property, and hire a lawyer to legally get possession of your property back. The way you are trying to do in on your own now, just to save some money, I only give you about a 25% chance of doing EVERYTHING right, and getting possession back, by CHRISTMAS.

Yes, it could cost you $2-3,000 on a lawyer, but at least they know what to do, which by your post, says you don't. The only other way, is to offer that "occupant" $1-2,000 to move ALL their possessions out, and give you the keys back--(cash for keys). Once you get possession back, THEN you can start saving money by doing a lot of the remodeling work yourself. (PS)-----change locks the same day you get possession back, even if they did return the keys to you.
Re: Eviction process- unlawful detainer complaint by Daniel (CA) on July 11, 2019 @18:27 [ Reply ]
hire a PI get info on their other address.
post abandoned property notice and follow those laws and get copies of the fact that water and power are shut off- and you are seizing the property to protect it from harm & neglect. and wait for tenant to sue you.

or hire an attorney and follow their directions and also wait for the lawsuit. The purpose of hiring the lawyer at the start is to make a case against countersuing this tenant if they have any financial standings.

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