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Tenant - Who Does Not Speak English - Landlord Forum thread 359499

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Tenant - Who Does Not Speak English by Gwendolyn on July 16, 2019 @11:22

Hello Everyone.....
I have a tenant who apply for my apartment. She seem to check out in everything! Her sister was the translator but I am kind of worry about giving her the apartment because she does not speak any English and she has 3 young children. What are your thoughts about the matter?
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Re: Tenant - Who Does Not Speak English by Garry on July 16, 2019 @17:58 [ Reply ]
You need to be VERY careful going forward. You do not need to be accused of discrimination against minorities, or families with children. If she checks out OK for all your criteria for any renters who would fill out an app for you, then use the sister as an interpreter for any communications going forward. Yes, language barriers can be a problem, but as long as you use the sister as a translator, I would recommend that you rent to them. Just go thru the sister any time the T or you have questions or problems.

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