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Delinquent Tenant requests W-9 - Landlord Forum thread 359504

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Delinquent Tenant requests W-9 by on July 17, 2019 @17:29

Have a tenant, an individual, renting an apartment for 4 months currently. They are delinquent and requesting a W-9 from landlord before they can come up with a rent payment. Is this just a stall tactic or could there be any valid reason for the request? I just do not want the denial of a W-9 to be grounds for them not to pay delinquent rent.
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Re: Delinquent Tenant requests W-9 by lpadave on July 17, 2019 @17:59 [ Reply ]
Technically I guess they would be entitled to request a W-9 as they are paying you money. Their follow thru on that would be their filing and sending you a 1099 at the end of the year.

I've never had a tenant ask me for a w-9.

Is this low or high end rental ??

If you're running your business up and up, give em it. If they continue to be problem tenants then you have to decide if you want to invoke the happiness clause.
Re: Delinquent Tenant requests W-9 by Kathy on July 19, 2019 @22:59 [ Reply ]
You rented her a residential unit (apartment)? correct?

If so you don't have to give her a W-9 which has to do with business rentals.

Does a landlord have to fill out a w9?
Don't give them the W-9 unless you are sure they will give you a 1099. But the landlords didn't rent a business office, they rented a home. They are under NO obligation to fill out a form about a business expense FOR THE RENTER. They have their own obligations to the IRS about business expenses.Mar 30, 2015
Re: Delinquent Tenant requests W-9 by Robert on August 6, 2019 @13:47 [ Reply ]
What are you waiting for? send them termination of lease for nonpayment. Why would you even want then there? Next time posts notice to quit for non payment @10 days after 1st of month that a tenant doesnt pay. These people will bleed you dry.

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