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Final walk through inspection - Landlord Forum thread 359564

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Final walk through inspection by Thriver on August 4, 2019 @19:14

A tenant who is moving that's been a real PITA is wanting me to do a walk through final inspection. I'm reluctant to go because when I was there looking around last week she did nothing but whine & complain about the same old stuff. The things she has wanted done are cosmetic & I have not been able to have these things done, because the property manager I had never would send anyone over there. So, I get blamed for this, and she fails to understand I we both were ripped off by the property manager. I don't want to go over there & be yelled at again. Is it necessary I go? I would rather tell her by email where to leave the keys & go over there once she's completely moved out. I don't want to discuss with her what I plan to deduct from her security deposit, and I will refund whatever is left with how much time I given by law. I anticipate this woman dragging me into court, because she's the type that can never be pleased.
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Re: Final walk through inspection by Garry on August 4, 2019 @22:10 [ Reply ]
Email her and tell her you will meet her at the property when she is TOTALLY out, and ready to give you the keys back right then when you meet. Get the keys FIRST, before you do any walk-thru. Then if you get into an argument, simply leave, and come back later in the next day or 2, to change locks. If there is more cleaning for her to do, or there are things which she needs to take, that she left behind, or damages that she needs to repair, you can leave the place unlocked for 2 days for her to do that. When you do your walk-thru, without the tenant, be honest, and only charge her for what is TRULY her responsibility. If she does take you to court, it's easier for you to win, if the judge believes you didn't try to screw her over.

As for the property manager, YOU hired that person. They are an "extention" of YOU. If they screw up, it's ultimately YOUR fault for hiring the wrong person.
Re: Final walk through inspection by L. on August 5, 2019 @10:19 [ Reply ]
Some states require you to give the tenant the option of doing a walk-through prior to vacating. Just walk through, collect the keys and say "your security deposit will be processed in accordance to the law". Lather, rinse, repeat. Don't let her goad you into a conversation.
Re: Final walk through inspection by Robert on August 6, 2019 @13:17 [ Reply ]
I never do a walkthru. I tell them there is no way for me to see everything in a short walk thru. Tell them to do their best and you will go from there. After they move and I have repainted and fixed everything then I have had the proper time to find everything that need attention. The other thing I have had for 15 years is a move out cleaning instructions that details every surface that needs to be cleaned. - which is pretty much every hard surface in the unit. This list is part of the lease. This has saved me many hassles I previously had.

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