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Tenant didn't pay the rent due to failed jacuzzi - Landlord Forum thread 359576

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Tenant didn't pay the rent due to failed jacuzzi by ownernj on August 7, 2019 @14:45

After the tenant moved in, she found Jacuzzi didn't work. I asked multiple times for a time when I could get in to fix. She finally replied by saying she needs time to unpack and will let me know when.

However, it's been a while, she never get back to me. I just sent her a text again, she completely ignore my message.

This is very tricky tenant, I have strong feeling that she might use this as excuse to refuse to pay the rent.

My question, if it turns out the way as I thought, what should say or do? I could not fix, because she didn't response my request to get in.

Thanks for your advice.
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Re: Tenant didn't pay the rent due to failed jacuzzi by lpadave on August 7, 2019 @16:30 [ Reply ]
As they say,....don't put the cart before the horse.

the jacuzzi should have been tested and working as a part of your make ready and documented on the move in conditions sheet which your lease should contain.

the tenant has let you know, you responded timely. Make note of the dates and times of contact. I prefer to do it all in writing by e mails or fax, but sometimes thats not always practical, I would recommend trying to move in that direction.

if the rent is indeed late, contact the tenant on due date and again on expiraton of grace period, in writing regarding the rent and also take that opportunity to nicely / calmly inquire again about wanting to get in and deal with the jacuzzi.

dont get into a '''i'll fix the jacuzzi after you pay the rent''''' -- the jacuzzi is on you and has nothing to do with the rent,.....on either side.

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