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netiquette text and email misuse with tenants - Landlord Forum thread 360128

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netiquette text and email misuse with tenants by Daniel (CA) on January 5, 2020 @12:39

copy and modify as needed

Los Angeles, CA
Oops, Email etiquette?
¨ Please refrain from including irrelevant or inappropriate information in your text messages or emails ………………in the following way:
¨ ________________________________________________________
¨ ________________________________________________________
¨ ________________________________________________________
 Please refrain from contacting us through text messages or emails because netiquette has been violated ………………in the following way:
 _ Please ONLY use Phone, Text, and Emails for emergency communications and simple follow-ups and not in place or instead of written communication requirements of your lease. ________________
 _On a Phone call and or Text message on 11/11/2019 you or your guest were demanding modifications and or changes to your lease; including an unclear service request without indicating any type of emergency. The conduct included hostile behavior by you or your guest: this included verbal threats, intimidation, and coercion. "your guest demanded that we hire his brother for services to the building." __
 _All communication and notices by you should be sent to the address listed in your lease; which is xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. __________

Please abide by your lease and submit all future correspondence in writing to the address below.


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Email and TEXT Message Disclaimer:
To Tenant:

1. Please note that email and text messages are not accepted method of communicating with your landlord.
2. While the use of emails and text messages may be convenient and quick, and helped to expedite past interactions with the landlord, the use of emails and text messages present problems as well.
3. You are notified that responses to emails or text messages are not an accepted form of notification from Landlord; in addition, landlord may inadvertently or unintentionally miss text messages and emails.
4. A formal written letter to a landlord accomplishes many things. For one, it reaffirms the tenant’s reason for contacting the landlord. Second, it helps to give second thoughts to the writer about the necessity of a complaint or issue for contacting the landlord. Third, by making a hard print of a letter, the writer has an extra step to make sure the tone of a letter is appropriate to the tone desired.
5. Emails and text messages usually lack the proper tone of the communication desired and while leisure communications between friends can be disregarded; however, communications between customer and vendor can’t professionally disregard implied tones. Enforcement may be required once unlawful or unreasonable demands are expressed.
6. The use of emails and text messages between landlord and tenant should be limited to being short brief and concise. Such as Happy New Year, FYI rents late but is on its way, expect a letter in the mail, Help, the roof is leaking.
7. Finally, this disclaimer is only to inform current tenants of the idea and courteousness of the concept of netiquette in the digital communication age.
Email Disclosure Based on the concept in these web pages:
January 5, 2020

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