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Landlord Responsibility - Landlord Forum thread 360139

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Landlord Responsibility by Anonymous (NJ) on January 6, 2020 @21:13

I have 5 units in NJ. Recently, one of the female tenant gave notice to vacate as male tenant next to her was asking her out on and on and she found out that he was charged in past for sexual abuse. She sent us all records. Now, we know. What is our responsibility? Inform other tenants about criminal in the bldg?
This male tenant was placed by Govt agency and we trusted them and did not do background check. Learned lesson.
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Re: Landlord Responsibility by Brendan on January 7, 2020 @20:20 [ Reply ]
This is a potential criminal matter. Tell tenant to call police--again--and--again. YOU TRUSTED THE GOVERNMENT??????
Re: Landlord Responsibility by Garry on January 9, 2020 @00:58 [ Reply ]
Once you "know" something, you can't "unknow" it. You now have a legal/moral/ethical responsibility to your other tenants to inform them of what you know about this person, as the person could pose a danger to at least some, if not all of your other female Ts. ----BUT JUST THE FACTS-- NO OPINIONS. Give all your Ts a copy of the person's criminal records, and let them decide what they want to do. And if someone wishes to find another place to live, you should let them out of their lease, even if it's only 3 months into a years lease. Like you said----(expensive)"lesson learned" ALWAYS do your own background checks.

Another possible solution would be to PAY the person to leave asap. It probably won't be cheap, but how much will you lose if 2-4 other Ts decide to leave all of a sudden? And then you will also have to inform any new potential Ts about this person.
Re: Landlord Responsibility by Anonymous (NJ) on January 9, 2020 @20:30 [ Reply ]
Thank you, Brenda and Garry for responding. I am still confused because I have # 1 attorney and he is professor in LL Tenant court. I asked them and I was advised not to do anything as criminal record is his past and personal matter. If my tenant would have filed in court and proved her allegations then it was different story. I had already offered money through the agency if he wanted to move but they denied. He has signed lease with 900 rent what was max limit I can charge for my area and $ 75 utility fee as additional rent for heat, hot and cold water and sewer. He does not pay 75 but my attorney said I can not evict him for utility fee. I am surprised but what it is what it is..Learned lesson.
Re: Landlord Responsibility by LM on January 15, 2020 @13:36 [ Reply ]
Charged or convicted? Big difference. Either way you need to talk to this tenant and let him know he is harassing the lady and need to stop.
Re: Landlord Responsibility by altagracia on January 19, 2020 @20:11 [ Reply ]
I believe a landlord shall do the background check up before renting to applicant to avoid further problems.

Talk to male tenant and tell him he needs to move out due to his criminal record. After the female TENANT move out ,TELL HIM you are having issue with his behavior in the building and you cannot keep him in the building.
Send a letter to vacate apt for his unacceptable conduct.
Give 30 days to move out. Be honest and that it.

Re: Landlord Responsibility by Robert on January 21, 2020 @14:57 [ Reply ]
Ask your landlord about telling other tenants and forcing him out. You could get in big trouble if you do this wrong.

DO talk to tenant about behavior though.

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