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PET FEE VS SECURITY DEPOSIT - Landlord Forum thread 360256

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PET FEE VS SECURITY DEPOSIT by kiki2020 on February 10, 2020 @12:50

My renter moved out and left the unit in good condition. The only thing she did not do was clean the carpet properly. I had a clause in the lease that renter needs a professional cleaning, but she rented a cleaner from the grocery store. It did not do a good job and took forever to dry.
I need to hire a carpet cleaner and am only going to charge her 1/2 the cost off the sec dep.
At the start of the lease, I charged a security deposit and a pet fee and renter thinks the pet fee (non-refundable) should cover whatever charges I have to pay now.
The carpet is not dirty due to cats- it just generally dingy and dirty everywhere.
Does anyone have advice on this?
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Re: PET FEE VS SECURITY DEPOSIT by Garry on February 10, 2020 @14:25 [ Reply ]
I agree with the tenant on this. In the T's mind, when they first moved in, the pet fee was to go to pay for any damages the pet did. At that time, they did not expect to have any money deducted off their deposit. You said they left the place in good condition. So instead of trying to make extra money off of a good tenant, just use the pet deposit to clean the carpets, and refund the whole sec. deposit back to the T.

Also, even if you were to charge for the carpet cleaning, you cannot just automatically charge 1/2 off the sec. deposit. You must charge the ACTUAL cost of the cleaning. What if their sec.deposit was $1,000 and the actual cost to clean the carpets was only $300. Again, you would be trying to make even more money off a "good" tenant, by charging them $500.
Sorry, but I as a Landlord, cling to a higher ethical and moral standard than that.

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