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security deposit transmital - Landlord Forum thread 360489

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security deposit transmital by sandra on May 13, 2020 @19:57

I have the form for security deposit settlement refund recipe and release form but this is when you give money back to a tenant. do you have a form for the tenant to sign in case it is the other way around and they owe money?
Just I want to make sure they will not come after me.
The guy left a mess the place he owes more than the double of the deposit
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Re: security deposit transmital by Garry on May 13, 2020 @20:51 [ Reply ]
First, forget about the former T ever signing anything, especially if they owe you money. Second, I never use a "form" for the Security Deposit Statement. Either type things out on your computer, and print the statement out, or write it out on a piece of notebook paper. Make several copies of everything. Hopefully, you took pictures of damages and any items the T left you, before you started cleaning and repairing things.

Then just start at the top-------- "Dear T : your deposit was xxxx. I am deducting the following charges against it." Now list all charges against their deposit, even if it's 30 lines worth. Be VERY detailed in your list. Total it up at the bottom of the page, and subtract off the T's deposit amount. If it's a negative amount, that's the amount the T owes you. In your statement, give the T 30 days to pay the amount owed, or you may have to proceed to sue him in court.

Send the statement by both regular and certified mail, to his last known address, if he provided one for you. If he didn't, send it to YOUR address that the T just moved out of. Once the 30 days are up, and he hasn't paid you, it will be up to you, if it's worth taking the T to court.
Re: security deposit transmital by lpadave on May 15, 2020 @05:59 [ Reply ]
Just my two cents here.

Six years of tenancy is a good long time, long term tenant.
Six years of rent paid, on time, in full, every month, every year, a really good tenancy.

Most LLs posting war stories and questions here, have not been blessed with a departing six year tenant.

Judges love to use the term TENANT RESIDUE.

six years is going to result in a Good amount of what is indeed normal wear and tear., which I would include as full paint and new carpeting. Plus probably replacing stove and refrigerator. Toilet parts are also your responsibility as LL.

Smoke charges are billable, but be gentle. You are painting and re carpeting already as part of your overhead / make ready / turn over..

My opinion is that the tenant left the premises with some trash and stuff and dirty is an indication that they don't really expect much if any of their deposit to be returned,....but over billing and charging for a couple of ( standard incandescent) light bulbs, inappropriate and might anger them.
Re: security deposit transmital by Clofks on May 20, 2020 @04:52 [ Reply ]
In my area, all landlords usually take some money upfront for any potential damage they can suffer. I am from the UK, And it is often the case that even reliable tenants leave huge losses after moving out. I totally agree about the tear and wear over time. But it is often the intentional damage or careless attitude.
Re: security deposit transmital by Daniel (CA) on May 23, 2020 @20:05 [ Reply ]
yes there is a form, it is called small claims court...
because that is the only way you will get anything back.

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