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New Problematic Tennant - Landlord Forum thread 360500

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New Problematic Tennant by Buttercupfrosting on May 18, 2020 @19:57

I just rented to a guy. Everything was gone over and discussed and agreed on. As soon as he moved in he threw a party and had his guests park in my tennants car spots. I told him he doesn't get a spot because he is last in and doesn't have a car. Fyi...there are only three spots and 8 tennants and 4 apts.
I have not yet given him his yr lease because i have to make a copy. Can i tell him im not going to and hes month to month?
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Re: New Problematic Tennant by Garry on May 18, 2020 @20:44 [ Reply ]
First of all, your T thru a party, and someone (not your T) took the spot for the night. That was a TEMPORARY usage of the spot, NOT a daily or weekly occurrence. It happened, you told the T about it,------let it go. If it happens again, give him a written notice of a lease violation.

Second, if the T signed the lease, the terms of the lease are locked in, even if you didn't sign it. He has a legal right to a copy of the original lease ASAP, no matter what has taken place on the property since the signing, or how YOU FEEL about it.

I, for the past 12 years, make all my leases M2M, starting from day 1. (I've got 19 SFHs) That way, if odd things like this come up, I can give any of my Ts a 30 day notice to move if I wish.
Re: New Problematic Tennant by Buttercupfrosting on May 19, 2020 @09:24 [ Reply ]
My question is....can i not give him his lease. I feel if i give him his copy of his yr lease im screwed.
Re: New Problematic Tennant by Daniel (CA) on May 23, 2020 @19:57 [ Reply ]
1 withholding the lease papers could be illegal. if you dont admit having a written lease then you are in bigger doo doo. so hopefully you used a good lease or one from this website that gives the LL protections.

2 post no parking signs on your property and hire a towing company like Jons towing or ABC towing. and comply with your towing laws of your city state. the towing company should post the signs for free, mine did.

3 put video cameras on your property to document and have proof that the illegal parking is your tenant.

4 include a document with the lease stating that his lease does not include parking- because as you stated that he is the last in.... and as my lawyer told me Never admit to punishing the tenant for misdeeds. such as DO NOT SAY - "You were 5th in line to get parking but you are not getting it because you violated our parking rules." again dont say this...

I was about to tell my tenant " your parking privileges are being revoked because of your reckless and dangerous conduct and because we observed you violating California Vehicle Code 27001"

yes you may be right , but doing the wrong thing even if you are right can cost you....
Re: New Problematic Tennant by Brendan on June 3, 2020 @17:19 [ Reply ]
Your lease should be signed and a copy in his hands and your hands. Your lease must be descriptive and clear as to parking. Street parking, driveway parking, parking spaces, free parking and monthly charged parking. At the party, tenant should have ensured that your parking rules were not violated. How to enforce or punish violators? I need help on this but the posting of a sign fixed in concrete: No parking/tenant authorized parking only/violators will be towed.
Re: New Problematic Tennant by Brendan on June 3, 2020 @17:43 [ Reply ]
I have this quirk about too much texting with tenants. Infrequent is best and for a significant topic, telephone the tenant, make follow-up notes in your tenant logbook, and always follow-up with regular mail between you and the tenant.
I do this as a normal course of business for routine matters. Only if things were escalating--extra charges, unauthorized tenants, etc., would I get into certified mail.

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