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House move out cleaning - Landlord Forum thread 360594

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House move out cleaning by mg on June 24, 2020 @14:53

I have always cleaned house (by professionals) and steam vacuumed carpet after tenant move out. And I charge cleaning fees to tenant (per CA lease agreement) So far never had issues.
This time, tenant is saying they will clean the house. I am not sure how to handle it. Let them do the cleaning and assess based on their cleaning? (If I should setup professional cleaning or not? ) How about steam vacuuming the carpet? (Due to Covid, I feel it is needed as dont want to be liable in case next tenant raises issues after move-in)

I am concerned to discuss this in advance with them as the relations are not good and they might take steps to harm me further.
Any advice will be highly appreciated.
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Re: House move out cleaning by Garry on June 24, 2020 @21:56 [ Reply ]
It's not really fair of you as the LL, to automatically charge a T for cleaning, if they want to do it themselves, and try to get back most of their deposit. You should always give a T a chance to do any cleaning or damage repair, before they turn the keys over to you. Once you get the keys back, go thru and see how they did, and assess charges accordingly. If the place is in good shape, return most or all of their deposit. Remember, these must be good Ts, or they wouldn't want to clean the place at all.

The COVID-19 virus should not enter into your decision on cleanliness or their deposit. First, the virus does not live very long on hard or soft surfaces(carpet). And unless your carpet cleaners can GUARANTEE a no-covid carpet(which they can't) YOU cannot guarantee a no-covid place to future Ts. After they are gone and you have returned most of their deposit, THEN you can clean as much as you want, at you own expense.
Re: House move out cleaning by Robert on June 28, 2020 @12:05 [ Reply ]
I include move out cleaning instructions in the lease that they agree to. Basically all hard surfaces cleaned and carpet professionally cleaned and must leave receipt. Thing have been WAAAAAAy better since I started this 10 years ago. When notified of move out I send it to them again with other move out instructions. I dont do move out inspections. Tenant gets one chance and then I correct everything left.

About 3% of tenants get 100% of deposit back.

Works great,

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