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security deposit/severe damage - Landlord Forum thread 360596

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security deposit/severe damage by Tamara on June 25, 2020 @16:42

my tenants left me an email as of 6/16, we vacate property and forfeit the property. They left a huge mess- like 1400 lbs of trash, broken kitchen cupboards, had tom rake the carpet of debris before i could vacuum, holes in wall, rotten food bucket under sink, live lizard with case of floor leaving burn marks, removed fence, removed balcony rail,and it goes on... i took pictures of everything... their deposit was 1000.00... does it sound reasonable that REMAINING charges are
Move In condition of house, yard, garage
Roof was cleaned of mildew, gutters cleaned, yard mowed, weed wacked, moles removed, professional cleaning service brought in to clean(Karina Navarro), carpets shampooed, new stove drip pans, oven cleaned, fridge, freezer cleaned, floors mopped, toilets, sinks, tub all scrubbed, every cupboard, drawer vacuumed and wiped. Garage: carpet cleaner, lawnmower, weed wacker, electric hedge clippers, wheel barrow, red microwave, various other tools. Fenced backyard, clean gravel driveway, green table bistro set, mosaic bistro set, ladders, table horses, ¼ cord chopped wood, 1 hatchet, 1 axe, 2 hoses.
Damage noted: 2 spindles on balcony rail spin( loose), lazy susan shelf broken and held with duct tape, 3 bald spots on front room carpet smaller than a quarter, and carpet fibers camouflaged. AS of 4/15/2019

Move Out condition June 16, 2020 as per email, stated we forfeit deposit

Garage- filled with debris, 5 hours with 3 people loading a rented trailer, and truck. 600.00 labor, 78.69 dump fee(1040lbs), trailer rental: 48.00- Total: $ 726.69
Outside of house and interior of house debris removal: 4 hours, 2 people, dump fee 160.00 labor, 50.00 dump fee Total: $ 210.00
Cleaning fee( not normal cleaning, note pictures, cleaning garbage out of drawers, dried blood in fridge, burnt food debris on stove and oven, microwave with food splashes, every wall had food, and smears, carpet had to be raked of debris, then vacuumed 2 times and shampooed, clogged bathroom sink, stains on toilet, burnt linoleum wear tenant left live lizard with heat rocks turned on, globs of “gum/candles chunks in carpet, 7 in bedroom, 3 in front room, stain approx. 5 inches in balcony carpet) 4 hours, 1 person- Total: $ 160.00

Outdoor repair/maintenance (per lease and tools supplied, see pictures for “extreme” lawn repair, not simple routine lawn care)..
5 hours: (see pictures) weed wacked, mowed, blower, weed wacked again, rake wood debris and trash from driveway: $200.00
Screen replacement- 6 screens at 20.00 each Total- $120.00
Balcony: (replace as tenant took off, and repaint missing wood chunks) 80.00
Kitchen cupboard replacement: 150.00
Missing/replacement items:
Hose: 19.39
Paint: (1 room, entire house was painted due to dings, scrapes:see pictures) 50.39
Drip Pans: 17.49
Fridge door handle: 14.99
Garage door opener: 13.94
Missing paver stones: 18.90 x 9= 170.00
Missing wheel-barrow: 149.00
Missing microwave: 39.00

Total: without fence installation: $2,116.95

Deposit of 1000.00 Remaining Balance $1,116.95 TBD fence install cost

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Re: security deposit/severe damage by lpadave on June 26, 2020 @14:42 [ Reply ]
well, a first, fast read through of your extremely lengthly, detailed post, it seems they left quite a mess for a year and a couple of months occupancy.

it is unclear just what the on- possession condition was.

while your charges line by line seem quite reasonable dollar wise, two things come to mind.
1. screen better in advance
2. inspect your property religiously at least every six months.

while it seems this mess goes WAY BEYOND normal or ''acceptable heavy'' wear and tear,....there is always going to be a certain amount of ''tenant residue'' which residents leave behind,.....even in the 'A' properties.

Clean it up, turn it over, try to put better quality tenants in there the next time.

Try to collect from the old tenants, which I doubt you'll be able to do. thousand or 1500 unfortunately doesn't go very far these days,...and is only worth a limited amount in time and aggrrivation and court time.

Unfotunately,....this is the part of the business that stings us all.

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