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Tenant's child exploded in the room? *DIARRHEA* - Landlord Forum thread 360699

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Tenant's child exploded in the room? *DIARRHEA* by ColbyMorat on July 25, 2020 @02:46

I received a call asking what was the cost to replace carpet as it was brand new in the house. I ask why and they told me that there was an accident in the house. I asked if it was okay that I come and look so I can get a better idea. They agree.

They take me upstairs and I immediately get that diarrhea smell. That sick, smell of poop. I go into what I guess is their child's room and there is literal poop stains on the white carpet with a little bit on the wall. It almost looked like the child made a run for it, didn't make it, and just released their bowels all over the carpet.

Tenant was late last month due to COVID-19. Where I'm at the protections are ending soon and while I thought I could help for one more month, there is no way. If they cannot pay rent then I will follow through what is needed based on current law. However, they are offering to fix the carpet immediately so I wonder if they are misrepresenting their ability to pay rent.

I don't know.

TL;DR Child took a liquid dump on my carpet and they are technically behind one month of rent but are exempt for now due to COVID-19. That ends soon and now I got poop stained carpet. Help on next steps?
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Re: Tenant's child exploded in the room? *DIARRHEA* by Garry on July 25, 2020 @09:52 [ Reply ]
S P A M / T R O L L ! ! !
Re: Tenant's child exploded in the room? *DIARRHEA* by Robert on July 28, 2020 @10:58 [ Reply ]
Sounds like you already know the answer. Have T pay for new carpet while you can.

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