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Roommate is renting a room out to me,but all... - Landlord Forum thread 360705

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Roommate is renting a room out to me,but all... by Veronica on July 27, 2020 @06:01

All of a sudden, my roommate is attempting to find any way to get me and my fiance to leave. We recently got bedbugs, but I got rid of them all. However, the guy who us renting out to us is using the bedbugs as an excuse to make us leave by the first to have the place exterminated and charge us for the bed mattress. Since 3 weeks ago, he has been harrassing us by doing obnoxious things, such as try to start arguments with us for any reason, raising the a/c to 85 degree or turning it off and making false complaints about us. Last n ight, he told us that real estate is coming over to kick everyone out. We paid for rent , and now are under the assumption that he never used our rent money to pay the actual owner, which he claims to be his daughter. I demanded my right to speak with the real owner but he responded with an " she doesn't want to talk to you guys." After several attempts of asking for proof of the rent and bills from him, he refused to show. I had tried reasoning with him BEFORE regarding the a/ c being set a too hot setting for me to be able to feel comfortable enough to be productive enough at work, since I work fr home. If me and my fiance, were not aware of an eviction taking place in our roommate's name, and we paid last month' s rent, what are our rights assuming that we can afford to stay on the property to take over all the bills in our own? Can we due our roommate for harrassing us and breaking several NRS' regarding tenants' rights? What should be my next steps? Note:That I have videotaping evidence of our roommate's s harrassment and unlawful conduct.
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Re: Roommate is renting a room out to me,but all... by lpadave on July 27, 2020 @10:23 [ Reply ]
Ahhhhhhhhh, gone arye.
What state and what is NRS ?

Unless your names are on a written lease or rental agreement with the owner, you are not tenants . You are roommates.

You will probably be referenced as does one through, the eviction paperwork.

The only relationship you have is with tenant of record as guided by whatever paperwork you have with them.

You can try to become squatters but that opens up another huge can of worms, which may result in your getting arrested.

The tenant of record can keep the temperature wherever he wants it.

If he is indeed an owner of the property, that might be a different story.
Check the deed and tax records.

Recommendation is pay him an agreed amount for bedbugs and the room and find another place to sleep, live and work. And be done .

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