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Final Walk Through - Landlord Forum thread 360714

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Final Walk Through by dlymperis on July 29, 2020 @11:38

I am at the end of a very difficult tenancy with a person who is angry at me for not renewing her lease. She demanded that I do a walk through with her on July 31, at which time she said she would return the keys. She moved out on July 22, thus breaking the lease, which runs until August 31. She also took her name off the gas and electric accounts effective July 23, which means I am stuck paying these bills for the remainder of the month. She did not pay her July rent, and sent me a letter granting me "permission" to use the security deposit to cover the rent, thus "forcing" me to do so. I thought this was bizarre, since the SD is not "settled" until after the tenant has moved out, and it is within my right to use it to cover unpaid rent/damages. At this point, the SD is used up to cover the unpaid rent, so if there are any damages identified during the walk through (she has assured me there is only wear and tear), I have nothing to cover them. I might also mention that she ripped out the screen from her front door in a fit of anger about 2 weeks ago. I have the Conditions Statement that she signed when she moved in, and nothing at all is documented, except for a very small urine stain on the dining room floor caused by a previous tenant's dog. However, I don't have a moveout checklist because I've never done a final walk through with any previous tenant. I am concerned that she might have such a document herself, which I will refuse to sign, but I must get those keys back. She has been in constant contact with a lawyer during this time (she has copied him on emails to me) and has put up signs in the basement going up the stairs to her kitchen that security cameras are in use and that I am not allowed to enter without permission. I have no intention of entering until the walk through, and because of her odd behavior, I am having a constable accompany me as a witness. I would appreciate any tips. Thanks.
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Re: Final Walk Through by Garry on August 1, 2020 @13:30 [ Reply ]
So, did you do a walkthru yesterday, and if so, how did it go ?
Re: Final Walk Through by Robert on August 2, 2020 @15:12 [ Reply ]
If you havent, do the walkthru and get the key. Then at least they are gone. Dont worry about the lawyer.

I dont do walk thru's but if I did I would state that it is impossible to assess everything is a short time and that other items may become known later.

Then later if you know for sure where she lives and works you can use small claims court to collect any damages. Be warned that is a difficult road also. IF you cant find her you will never collect.

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