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New Tenant Late On Rent - Landlord Forum thread 360749

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New Tenant Late On Rent by Jason on August 11, 2020 @00:44

I signed a new tenant on May 1, 2020, on a 12-month lease. He had poor credit, so I required 2 months SD. June, July rent payments were late, but still paid. He is now late again for August rent. I understand COVID has him protected (for now), but should I consider taking part of the SD for rent or wait it out and evict him?
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Re: New Tenant Late On Rent by L. on August 11, 2020 @13:49 [ Reply ]
The COVID defense is only valid if their job or finances have been affected by shutdowns/layoffs. It's not a free-for-all excuse to flake on paying the rent.
Re: New Tenant Late On Rent by lpadave on August 11, 2020 @15:47 [ Reply ]
generally in most states, SD cannot be used for late rent, only after court as a part of damages/ money owed.

Re: New Tenant Late On Rent by Daniel (CA) on August 24, 2020 @17:59 [ Reply ]
in some states you can require tenant to prepay up to 6 months before moving in PLUS SD.

So in California on a 6 month lease you can require:

$1,000 rent
$2,000 SD
$6,000 Prepay
$9,000 move in money

This is a sure way to avoid deadbeats
Re: New Tenant Late On Rent by Brendan on October 7, 2020 @22:44 [ Reply ]
You call him up and talk to him about it. You document it--the violation of terms of the lease--and mail him a copy. Think about adding a small late charge after 3-4 months of lates.

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