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Re: Curious - As Court Cases Resume... - Landlord Forum thread 360762

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Re: Curious - As Court Cases Resume... by Annoymous on August 16, 2020 @07:01

In Pennsylvania the district courts are closed until further notice. If I were to have a problem with my tenants, the only recourse I would have is to see an attorney. And it is hope that I would not have the problem as you saw it online.
It sounds as though the J. needs to be reported to the authorities. From reading what you wrote I am inclined to think that he either lacks experience when it comes to Landlord/Tenant law, or was having a bad day.
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Re: Curious - As Court Cases Resume... by Jennise on August 27, 2020 @17:58 [ Reply ]
Yes this judge has been known for making his own rules. I've been watching cases for a few weeks now and no other judges in the county have been asking for this. They are adjourning the initial hearing for 1 week if the tenant was not personally served because the mail is running slow. He has been reported many many times by various people and was threatened with contempt of court by a higher judge for failing to rule as instructed on a case they overturned. It was a landlord tenant case and he refused to evict the tenants. But I guess he's smart enough to know that Landlords can't usually vote in the city so he caters to the tenants and they keep re-electing him. SOOO happy that my attorney is banned from his courtroom.

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